Expert. Committed. Innovative. Effective.

As your Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, Natalie Durkin embodies technical
expertise and pairs it with impeccable service. Since 1999, she has been providing
care, compassion, education, and most importantly, relief to clients in the Austin
and Central Texas areas with stunning and powerful results.
If you have issues with your tissues, Natalie will rub you the right way!

Natalie's Specialties Include:

Stress Reduction.
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.
Athletic Performance.
Headache Relief.

She works especially well with clients who:

Have long term or chronic muscle tension and pain.
Are new to massage, or have had a negative experience with it.
Are looking for extra education and information about their physiology.
Demand a therapist with a high skill set and expert technique.
Want to know how massage and bodywork may benefit them.

Natalie listens to you.

...and pulls from a skills set containing over 1,000 hours of classroom education
and thousands of hours of
hands-on time, in order to customize each and every
session to fit your needs each and every time.

To find out more...

...about Natalie and her expert massage therapy practice, click on the links at the left to explore the site. From a photo tour of her Downtown Austin studio to an "Ask the Therapist" feature, there's lots to see and read!

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